The Northern Region

¨The Northern India went through major influences of the Persian, Mogul ideas.
Due to the Himalayas and the hilly terrain, it has long winters. The main occupation of the people is usually farming and sheep rearing
¨Hence a large variety of wool is produced.
¨The Himalayan area comprises of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand concentrate mostly on woolen weaves with highly geometric patterns woven in the primary colors.
¨The weavers are highly skilled in producing intricate and delicate textiles, sometimes with the use of complicated looms.
¨ The art of dyeing and weaving was well developed in these hilly regions. Later, vibrant colors came to be used, making each fabric unique in its way.
¨The fabrics in the rich river plains have a softer texture and milder colors with linear patterns and well-defined borders with floral decorations.
Let’s have a look at each of its traditional fabrics-
    1. Jammu and Kashmir
    2. Uttarakhand
    3. Himachal Pradesh
    4. Punjab
    5. Haryana

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